Jewel E. Ann harnesses all emotions in “What Lovers Do”

What Lovers Do
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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This book. I recently finished What Lovers Do by Jewel E. Ann, and let me tell you, I was in TEARS! And this is an incredibly funny book! But as much as I laughed out loud, I also had to have a tiny little cry session towards the end. What Lovers Do is the kind of rom-com that isn’t over the top campy or cheesy. You know when rom-coms can get super goofy to the point of being utterly unrealistic, or when you’re wondering how the MC could be that stupid? THIS WAS NOT THAT BOOK. What Lovers Do was charming, sweet, sexy, and blooming with a full range of emotions. I absolutely loved this book. This book and I are friends. Maybe even best friends. (IYKYK)

P.S. My husband was watching basketball next to me when I finished this book, IN TEARS, and his eyes never left the screen when he lifted his arm and let me smother my tears against him. See? He can be supportive while sportsing.

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