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5 movies that changed my life

In his book, Movies Change Lives, author Tony Kashani shares how cinema can serve as a bridge between people and the answer to universal issues that include social economics, racism, morality, and so on. (My colleague Dan Taylor wrote an incredible article on Kashani, and included the 7 movies Kashani believes will change the lives …

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5 favorite things to eat

I love food. Seriously, PeeWee, I would if I could (sorry hubby). And food loves me, too. This is why the wedding dress I wore 4 years ago (this Thursday! Happy anniversary to the other love in my life!) no longer fits, my free time is now spent at the gym, and dieting just makes …

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5 favorite things about autumn

It’s fall, y’all! I love this season so much. As I wait for the Indian Summer to make way for more autumn appropriate weather, here are 5 of my favorite things about this season. What are yours? Leave them in the comments. <3 The changing leaves. In Northern California, we don’t go through the drastic …

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5 favorite ways to unplug

Too much screen time makes for a cranky Crissi. Therefore, here are 5 ways that I temporarily unplug from the world so that I can maintain my sanity.

5 favorite time sucks

As a writer, I’ve perfected the art of distractions. Whenever I hit a difficult scene, a place where more research is needed, or a good old-fashioned writer’s block, these are the 5 time sucks that temporarily relieve me of my pain and send me spiraling into the abyss of diversionary entertainment. 1. Facebook or YouTube …

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