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cupcake-real-2Come Here, Cupcake
Crissi Langwell
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 352

Overview:There are three things to know about Morgan Truly.

First, she’s falling in love with a sailor.
Second, baking helps make sense of her emotions.
Third, her baking is enchanted.

Anyone who eats the desserts Morgan bakes will feel the same emotions she was feeling when she baked them. If she’s feeling happy while baking, her desserts will make people feel happy. If she’s sad, they’ll make people feel sad. And if she happens to be feeling romantic while baking… Let’s just say that life gets pretty interesting in her town.

6952056About the Author: Crissi Langwell is a writer, blogger, and novelist. Her latest novel is “Come Here, Cupcake,” a story that combines love, magic and cupcakes in delicious ways. Crissi has written 4 novels in all, as well several other books.

Crissi lives in Northern California with her…

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NaNoWriMo LIVE: What it’s like to write the story

My favorite part of being an author is when I am actually creating the story, immersed in a whole different world than the one I am living in. As I’m writing, my characters are all around me. The scene takes over the room. Their emotions become my emotions, and their drama becomes my drama.

When I’m not writing, I am thinking about my characters and their stories. They become like real people to me, almost like they are friends. I can be at my day job, going out for the evening, making dinner, or walking the dog, and the story I’m writing is right there with me. If you’re around me during the days I am writing a novel, just know that I am more than likely thinking about the novel. That’s just the nature of the beast.

Thing is, while I’m writing the novel, this is when I am the most amped up about the story. It’s when those little moments of magic happen, when certain situations present themselves, or surprises pop up that I wasn’t even expecting. Problem is, I have no one to share these moments with. And sometimes, I miss that. I’ll be writing along, and all of a sudden, a moment arises that just falls onto the page, and I want to turn to everyone around me and say, “Did you see what just happened???”

But I can’t, because the rough draft of a story is a very private moment between a novel and its author. So I just keep writing, anxious for the day when I can finally reveal the finished story to the public.

Not this time, however. Live posting my NaNoWriMo novel has been both freaky and exciting. I am revealing all of my grammatical errors, story holes, bad ideas, and moments of poor writing. But I am also revealing the magic of the story as it unfolds, offering it up chapter by chapter, and sharing the excitement of the story as it is written.

As of right now, I have finished writing the setup chapters of the story, and I’m heading into the midsection, when so many different things can happen. While the story is mapped out in its entirety, I’m still coming across plenty of unplanned moments that could potentially steer the story in a new direction, or shape the path that it’s already on. This is when the story writing process is at its most precarious. In past years, I’ve been known to write these midsection chapters only to toss them for different versions. By live posting, I am revealing chapters that may or may not make the final cut.

This is totally what it feels like to walk around in my underwear.

Nevertheless, it’s been incredibly motivating to share the story with readers as I write. Each time I share a new chapter, I receive texts from family and messages from fans to hurry up with the next chapter. It’s almost like I’m writing my first book all over again. This experience has made novel writing brand new, and I can’t wait to add to the story each day!

I’ve created a page for this story here on my blog, which I will update regularly as I add chapters. You can access that at

You can also go direction to Wattpad at

Here is what has been posted so far:

Chapter 4 will be published sometime this weekend.

And, of course, if you want to be notified every time I post a new chapter, you can join my mailing list by clicking here. You get a free book from me when you do. :-)

If you’re reading along, let me know what you think! I thrive from your feedback!

NaNoWriMo LIVE: Posting chapter by chapter

Day 1 down, 29 more to go. This morning I woke up at 4:30 a.m., thanks to daylight savings. Honestly, I was counting on that early wake up time to get in some serious writing before heading off to church. So imagine my disappointment when my husband wakes up two hours later and I had a whopping 600 words written.

Ugh. Is this how NaNoWriMo is going to be all month?

Thankfully, the slogging only lasted for those mere two hours. Once I got through the dreaded opening paragraphs, the story took off. My daily word count today is 4,018, and I am really loving where this story is going.

LOVING THE WINDAnd that’s a good thing, because I have some news for you. I will be sharing this story LIVE, posting the story chapter by chapter as soon as I finish each one. Chapter 1 should be finished by tomorrow, and I will be sharing it on Wattpad.  If you want to be updated every time I add to the story, you have the option of subscribing to this story on Wattpad.

*Note: If you tried to access this earlier, the link has been updated.

Of course, an easier way to keep up to date with this story is to subscribe to my newsletter. I plan on updating people on my list every time I add to this story. It’s a good idea to join my mailing list, anyway, as it’s how you can be kept in the know about new releases, exciting news, and whenever I have a cool promo or giveaway to share.

In other news, the competition for NaNoWriMo is fierce in my house. My husband just started his own book today for NaNoWriMo, and is totally beating my personal word count by at least 800 words. He’s about to see the ugly side of his wife as I show him just how competitive I really can be.

And yes, it totally is a race to the finish. But a fun one. :-)

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? How did today go?

Being chased by a novel (NaNoWriMo prep)

Earlier this week, I had the extreme honor of chatting with a 4th grade class in Virginia (via Google Hangout from California) to discuss NaNoWriMo, and how they could write a novel in 30 days. The class will be trying their hand at this challenge, with an appropriate word goal for 9-year-olds, and had so many great questions about the experience, and about my own creative process.

One boy asked me, “Do you ever doubt yourself?”

“All the time,” I told him honestly.

And it’s more than the truth. At the time that we talked (it was Tuesday), I had 5 days left to figure out what I was going to be writing for NaNoWriMo, and nothing was coming to me. Usually by this time, I have my whole entire novel mapped out, and have been carrying on personal conversations with my characters. This year, my original plan was to write the sequel to Come Here, Cupcake. But last week, I chose to save that novel for a time when I can be more diligent and give it the detailed attention it deserves. I decided to, instead, write a novel that was more fun and carefree, not even worrying about whether I would publish it or not.

Problem was, nothing was coming to me.

Do you ever doubt yourself_So when that student asked me if I ever doubted myself, I couldn’t have been more honest by saying yes. I was currently doubting myself. I was starting to think I would never come up with a novel idea, and that I would enter NaNoWriMo on Nov. 1 already a loser.

And then, later that day, my novel idea barreled at me, tackled me, and wrapped itself around me so tight, I could barely breathe from excitement.

In her Ted talk, Elizabeth Gilbert relayed a conversation she had held with the late American poet, Ruth Stone. Ruth described how there were times when she’d be working the fields (ironically, in Virginia, where the students I talked to live!), and she would feel and hear a poem coming at her from over the landscape. She would actually feel the earth shake, and she knew she needed to get to a pen and a piece of paper as fast as she could before the poem thundered through her. She would, in her words, “run like hell” toward the house, the poem at her heels as she ran. Often, she’d make it, and was able to collect the words as they moved through her and write them on the page. But other times, the poem would barrel through her before she got to the paper, and then would continue over the landscape, looking for another poet. And sometimes, she would almost miss it, and feel it go through her just before she got to the paper, and at the very last second, she’d grab the pencil with one hand and the end of the poem with the other. She would then pull the poem back through her, transcribing as she did, so that the poem would be written from ending to beginning, completely backwards on the paper.

When I first heard this Ted talk, I thought it was utterly amazing. I also thought how poetic it sounded, but not very realistic. I mean, really?  A poem chased you?

But on Tuesday, it happened. My next novel chased me as I drove into work that day. I felt it thunder down the hillside, and the air around me shake. And I was suddenly consumed with it, with no paper or pencil around to write it down. Ideas kept pouring through me, and I begged them to stay with me until I could get to my desk and write them all down. I tried to memorize each thought and idea, trying to retain everything. And while a few fragments dissipated on the walk from my car to the office, the majority of them stayed so that I could capture each lingering thought and place it on paper.

Since Tuesday, the ideas keep coming, thundering over the hillside and barreling through me. And I keep doing my part and writing them down. My notes are a mess of ideas. My soul is consumed with this new story. And last night, I finished mapping out the entire book.

I am now ready for Nov. 1.

What time is it? NaNoWriMo time! Can you tell I’m kind of a Peter Pan fanatic?

Because we’re all friends, I’ll reveal what I’m writing here. I’ve decided to write fan fiction by retelling part of the story of Peter Pan from the eyes of Tiger Lily. Like all great literature, this has been done by a couple other authors. But I’m not worried about that. Like I said, this novel is for fun, and may never be published. Or maybe it will. For now, that’s not a decision I care about. I’m only concerned with enjoying the next 30 days as I fine tune my writing muscle with a piece of writing I couldn’t be more excited about writing.

To prepare, I’m re-reading Peter and Wendy, which has been a completely enjoyable experience. Man, I love this story! Of course, the parts about the Indians show a different sign of the times, so a few details will be changed (like the way they speak, and the name of their tribe).

During the next month, I will try to blog about my writing process as much as I can. I will be spending a lot of time writing my novel, you know. I’m also considering sharing the novel publicly as I write. The jury is still out on that one, however, as rough drafts are often terrible things. But wouldn’t it be fun to see the process of a novel as it’s being written?

Are you doing NaNo? Share what you’re writing in the comments!

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What is Crissi up to?

lovecupcakesIt’s been a busy couple of weeks, that’s for sure! My new book, Come Here, Cupcake, was officially released on October 5! I celebrated the occasion with cupcakes and perks galore for all of you readers. I have loved all of the feedback I’ve been receiving on this book!

My next big news is that I’ve finished writing a book on how to increase the creative part of your life. The title is, Reclaiming Your Creative Soul: The secrets to organizing your full-time life to make room for your craft.

The book is expected to release in early 2016. Here are a few things this book will address:

  • Finding inspiration around you
  • Making the best use of your time
  • Maintaining a creative lifestyle even with a full-time job
  • How to take a soul retreat
  • Several life hacks: organization skills, meal planning, financial budgeting, etc.
  • Growing your creativity
  • And more!

I even include resources like a 30-day meal plan (complete with shopping lists!), and a budget sheet to organize your finances!

Does this sound like something you might be interested in? To continue the discussion that starts in Reclaiming Your Creative Soul, I’ve organized a Facebook Group for other artists and creatives to come together and learn from each other. Join the discussion at

Finally, I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo! And for the first time in all the years I’ve participated, I have no idea what I’m writing! Originally I was going to work on the sequel for Come Here, Cupcake. However, it feels like too much pressure to work on that book. So I’m tabling the sequel writing until January, and planning to work on something totally new.

I just need to figure out what that is…

How about you? Anything new? And who’s starting NaNo on Nov. 1?

What if we gender-swap all the books, ala Twilight?

For the 10th anniversary of her 'Twilight' series, Stephenie Meyer is offering a gender swap for those millions caught up in the saga of Bella and Edward.

For the 10th anniversary of her ‘Twilight’ series, Stephenie Meyer is offering a gender swap for those millions caught up in the saga of Bella and Edward.

This week, Stephenie Meyer, the author of best-selling vampire series, ‘Twilight,’ both delighted and disappointed fans when she announced the release of her new book, “Life and Death.” Fans, who had been expecting Meyer to release her once-promised novel, “Midnight Sun,” a story from the point of view of vampire Edward Cullen, were instead offered a story that re-tells the original “Twilight” tale, but with every character as the opposite gender.

Belle became Beau. Edward became Edythe. And every other character (save for the Beau/Bella’s parents) have swapped genders in “Life and Death.”

Fans are mixed on this re-imagining of Twilight, according to the comments by fans.

“My head started to hurt trying to match everyone up with who they should be, and I put it down,” one commenter said.

“I couldn’t finish the first couple of pages. She should have just finished Midnight Sun,” said another.

“I’m only half way through, but I’m loving this. The high school me would have died of excitement for this,” another commenter said.

And finally, “…because I have read Twilight so many times and every sentence feels familiar, I’m getting a kick out of noticing all the little details that Stephenie Meyer changed for this version.”

See for yourself here.

Because I was so intrigued with what Meyer did with her popular book, I couldn’t help but wonder what other popular books might look like if the genders were swapped. Here are a few book you may have read, but with a gender-bending twist. Can you think of any others? Share them in the comments!

Hunger Games

Kevin Everdeen of District 12 volunteers as tribute for the 74th annual Hunger games, taking the places of his little brother, Preston, to fight alongside Paige Mellark. They are mentored by Hailey Abernath, a past winner from District 12 who now lives a solitary life consoled by her 13 cats and her never-ending supply of alcohol.

During a television interview before the games, Paige reveals her schoolgirl crush on Kevin to an audience of millions. This is a surprise revelation for Kevin, especially since he harbors feelings for his lifelong friend and confidante, Gail Hawthorne, the girl next door who enjoys hunting with him on the outskirts of the district.

However, mentor Hailey sees the opportunity in Paige’s public confession and advises Kevin to string her along. If she succeeds in this ruse, she may inspire wealthy sponsors to help the two competitors during the games. But as Kevin fights for his and Paige’s life against their bloodthirsty opponents, he realizes his feelings for Paige may actually be sincere.

What if Harry were really Henrietta? Would it have worked as well?

What if Harry were really Henrietta? Would it have worked as well?

Henrietta Potter and the Sorceress’ Stone

For ten years, Henrietta Potter has lived with the Dursleys, not knowing that she is a witch, or even that she is famous in the wizarding world for surviving the attacks of Voldemina, a terrifying sorceress whose name no one dares to speak. When Henrietta receives a letter inviting her to attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, her family tries to hide it from her. That is, until Rubina Hagrid, a big-boned half giant, rescues Henrietta on her massive pink Harley.

Henrietta is introduced to a world of magic, sorted into the Hogwarts house of Gryffindor. There, she makes lifelong friends with Ramona Weasley, a red-haired girl from a large, pure-blood, wizarding family, and Horace Granger, an intelligent wizard born to non-magical parents.

While training to become witches and wizards, Henrietta, Ramona and Horace find themselves facing down a three-headed dog guarding the Sorceress’ stone, a magical object that grant immortality to its user. After several other bouts of danger, it becomes apparent that the discovery of the stone holds significance. The trio face numerous challenges to recover the stone, only to come face to face with an enemy they never knew they had.

Brotherhood of the Traveling Jordans

Len Kaligaris, Tim Rollins, Brock Vreeland and Carson Lowell have been best friends since birth, since their fathers were fishing buddies that met in college. The summer before the foursome began their junior year of high school, Carson finds an old pair of Air Jordans that fits each of the friends perfectly, despite their differing shoe sizes, and allows each boy to jump higher, run faster, and perform well at every sport. They come to the conclusion that the Jordans are magical. The boys end up sharing the “traveling Jordans” amongst themselves over the summer as they all go in different directions.

However, the summer doesn’t go exactly as planned. Each teen must overcome challenging circumstances they weren’t prepared for. Just as things seem to be at their worst, they are given the Air Jordans, and discover a new way to overcome adversity. The Jordans serve as a substitute pal in this coming of age novel of boys growing into men.

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