The Road to Hope

The Road to HopeTHE ROAD TO HOPE

Jill Johnson and Maddie Russo are two mothers who experience the earth-shattering impact of separate tragedies. Both 35-year-old Jill and 16-year-old Maddie fall victim to their personal circumstance, succumbing to a life neither of them plans for herself. But a brief encounter between the two of them forces the path of their lives to change course, offering light to their despair, and setting a journey where hope leads the way.

In The Road to Hope, Crissi Langwell paints a portrait of grief and affliction, opening the wounds of life’s calamities. But with a glimpse of a possible new direction, Langwell reveals the emergence of strength, and the beauty that exists when hope is let back in.

This is Book #1 of an upcoming series that will be released in late 2017.

***Rating R: Contains scenes that include death, language, sex, and violence.

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