Come Here, Cupcake

There are four things to know about Morgan Truly.

  1. She is not thrilled to have moved back to her seaside town of Bodega Bay.
  2. She’s falling for a handsome rugged seafarer.
  3. She’s discovering that she loves baking.
  4. But with that discovery of baking comes a dark secret.

Set in the sleepy coastal town of Bodega Bay in California, Crissi Langwell blends the ingredients of family bonds, good friends, first kisses and accidental enchantments to create a delicious story that is meant to be devoured.

*Rated PG-13+ for light romantic scenes

This is the Book #1 in the Dessert for Dinner series. Book #2 – Just Desserts – coming soon!

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    1. Crissi Langwell – Crissi Langwell writes romance, women's fiction, young adult novels, and more. Her passion is the story of the underdog, and her stories include ones of determined heroines, family issues, free spirits and more. Beyond writing, Crissi is an avid bookworm, loves to meditate, and has tiny muscles from weight lifting. You have to look closely. She pulls her inspiration from the ocean, and breathes freely among redwoods. Crissi and her husband are both Northern California authors with day jobs. Currently they are kicking their kids out the nest (2 down, 1 to go!), and can't help spoiling their beautiful, bratty Maine Coon cat.

      Thank you so much! There isn’t a sequel yet. I’m releasing a standalone novel in August called Loving the Wind, a prequel story to Peter Pan told from Tiger Lily’s point of view. Then I’m focusing on the sequel to Come Here, Cupcake, and possibly a third. I hope to have the rest of the series released in early 2017. If you want to be alerted to when these books are released, I invite you to sign up for my newsletter. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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