Crissi Langwell

Crissi Langwell writes romance, women's fiction, young adult novels, and more. Her passion is the story of the underdog, and her stories include ones of determined heroines, family issues, free spirits and more. Beyond writing, Crissi is an avid bookworm, loves to meditate, and has tiny muscles from weight lifting. You have to look closely. She pulls her inspiration from the ocean, and breathes freely among redwoods. Crissi and her husband are both Northern California authors with day jobs. Currently they are kicking their kids out the nest (2 down, 1 to go!), and can't help spoiling their beautiful, bratty Maine Coon cat.

When nightmares become books

“Mom, watch out!” he cried, the terror in his voice breaking the moment without warning. I jerked my head forward as a semi-truck straddled the yellow line on the windy road, coming straight at us. With no shoulder on the road, there wasn’t anywhere to pull over on my right. Instead, the right hand side …

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Digitale Stories shared a huge excerpt from my book!

My friend and colleague, Robert Digitale, is not only an excellent journalist, but he is also a man who appreciates a good story.  He is the author of Horse Stalker, has headed up several multi-authored collaborations between both novelists and journalists, and keeps a blog with our local newspaper named Digitale Stories, dedicated entirely to …

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Day 2 of FREE eBook promotion

It’s nearing the end of my 2nd day of my Kindle promotion for A Symphony of Cicadas.  This morning, I watched as the numbers barely moved at all.  It reached 100 downloads, and I wondered what the heck I could be doing wrong.  So I toyed with the genre, classifying it as Women’s Literature (basically, …

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A Symphony of Frogs

I went for a run* tonight, and this is what I got to hear: *Side note: “Run” is a very loose term for what I did.  But because “moving up and down while putting one foot in front of another at a slightly faster pace than walking” is too long, we’ll just go with “run”. …

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