Golf Balls, Eight Year Olds & Dual Paned Windows

Golf Ball cover small

“There is a lesson in every moment with your child. There’s the lesson that milky cheerios will stick to the wall like superglue if not cleaned up immediately. There’s the lesson that if you don’t spell out chores for your child, they will not come up with the idea to clean by themselves. There’s the lesson that new jeans will have holes in the knees in two week’s time, and sooner if they are not on sale. There’s the lesson that the dinners that take the longest to make will be picked at by your kid before you finally allow them to feed it to the dog. And there’s the lesson that whenever you are running late to get out the door, that is when your child will need to go to the bathroom…..the second kind.
And then there’s the lesson I learned today, the lesson that golf balls, 8 year olds, and the grandparents’ dual pane windows do not mix.”

And so begins the book of stories from our single-parent family.

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Golf Balls, Eight Year Olds & Dual Paned Windows chronicles the beginnings of our single parent adventure – telling tales of moody tween days, healing childhood heartaches, single parent dating, and of course, watching as my child hits a golf ball with impressive accuracy at his grandparents’ dual paned window.

Adapted from stories originally written in my family blog, a few even published in newspaper The Press Democrat, this book serves as the beginning of the Wine Country Mom (WCM) series.

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